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Find and create the best bike routes on the world’s biggest island with the bike route planner. 81,1% of Greenland is covered in ice: Nevertheless, you can bike on the remaining 18,9% like in no other country in this world. Surrounded by ice, water and stones, true adventures and breathtaking views unfold. Next to biking, you can also observe whales, visit viking ruins and admire the colourful houses in the capital Nuuk.

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2,370 km
Mapped Ways
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  • You can observe calving glaciers in Disko Bay (big chunks of ice break out of the glacier and float away on the sea). This majestic natural process is observable from the mainland. The bay has been a UNESCO world heritage site since 2004.

  • There are hot springs everywhere in Greenland, but the springs have the perfect bathing temperature on the uninhabited island uunartoq, which is reachable by boat from the town Ilulissat. Here, you can bathe leisurely surrounded by icebergs and mountain peaks.

  • See the Northern Lights - although they are visible from everywhere on the island, the best places to watch are the town Quqortoq in the South, Ittoqqortoormiit in the East and Kangerlussuaq in the West. The Northern lights are more visible in Winter.



  • Pay attention to wearing the rights clothes. Cycling in soft snow is very exhausting and diaphoretic, but as soon as you stop moving, it get cold quickly. It’s best to experiment with different layers of clothing and to use special socks that keep shoes from getting soaked.

  • Practice cycling on snow before starting your trip. The body should also be used to consuming several thousand calories a day.

  • Using a fat bike is a must. Without the thick tyres, you can’t move forward in snow. In snow free regions, you can also move around on a mountain bike.

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