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Cycling routes and bike maps in and around

Costa Rica

Find and create the best cycle routes through South America’s richest country with the bike route planner. The name Costa Rica means “rich coast”, however, the country is also known for its tropical climate, its many active volcanos, the eco-tourism and its status as the “South American Switzerland”, as Costa Rica had declared itself as neutral in face of civil wars and rumours in neighbouring countries in 1983. Mountain bikers find everything they want in the interior of the country while pleasure-seeking hobby cyclers enjoy relaxedly cycling along the coast.

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100,997 km
Mapped Ways
Cycle Routes
4.5 million


  • Thrill-seekers can admire the Arenal Volcano in the Arenal Volcan National Park. The volcano has been active regularly since its last explosion in 1968 and visitors can observe diverse volcanic activity like ash clouds or lava streams.

  • Those wanting to discover authentic wildlife and plants can visit the Cloud Forests at Santa Elena and Monteverde. The natural habitat is preserved thanks to the fog covering the area. The skywalk offers those without a fear of heights the opportunity to observe various animals from above.

  • If you’re feeling brave, you can hike to the source of the Celeste river which’s water is turquoise. The daunting part of the hike is that the river runs along the base of an active volcano. A special adventure.


  • There is a lot of traffic in Costa Rica and drivers aren’t exactly enthusiastic about bikers. A rearview mirror is recommended. Some streets along the coast have a shoulder usable for bikers.

  • You can bring your bike on busses. You might have to pay extra.

  • You should take care of your valuables. It is best to bring a few photocopies of your passport.


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