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Find and create the best bike routes with the Bikemap bike route planner online. The Ecuadorian landscapes are constantly changing: There are coasts and jungles, half tropical forests and flat plains can all be crossed. Starting from the capital Quito, the active volcano Cotopaxi is easily reached within a day. Its snow covered peak sticks up towards the sky and offers an extraordinary panorama. Sometimes, ascends of 2000 metres have to be overcome within a few kilometres, but the descends are even more fun in turn.

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217,381 km
Mapped Ways
Cycle Routes
14.8 million


  • Visit the impressive Cotopaxi National Park, named after the world’s highest, still active, eponymous volcano, by bike.

  • The city Quito, situated directly in the picturesque Andes, is a city of opposites. In the old part of the city, you can find beautifully restaurated colonial architecture as well as modern concrete blocks.

  • Banos is a hotspot for adventure lovers. In front of the threatening setting of the Tungurahua volcano, you can raft, paraglide, ride, climb, mountain bike and even bungee-jump. After sport, you can relax in the hot springs.


  • Don’t forget sunscreen and a hat. Ecuador is located at the equator and hence, solar radiation is especially strong and it’s easy to get sunburnt, even on cloudy days.

  • Ecuador offers very steep ascents, which one should be aware of before departing in order not to overestimate oneself.

  • The best time for bike tours is the dry season from June until September. Most rain falls in December and January - usually only during the afternoons, so bike tours are possible all year round.

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