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Let the bike route planner find the best cycle routes through Greece and discover Europe’s most southern country with the continent’s longest coast line. The mainland has rough mountains, forests and lakes, but the country is known for its thousands islands that puncture the Aegean. White limed houses, deep blue sea and blooming valleys can be expected on a cycling trip to the beautiful islands in the Aegean. The mainland as well as the Greek islands offer enchanting beauties of nature and wonderful cycling tours. Next to riding on beautiful and challenging cycling routes, you can also visit a variety of historic places and dive deep into Greek history.  Whether you want to roam through shady olive groves and discover small villages, lonely coves and organic farms or make your way up the country’s highest peaks: Greece enthuses everyone and on two wheels even more!

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1,532,443 km
Mapped Ways
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11.0 million


  • Cycling to the Metéora monasteries, an accumulation of six monasteries situated on spectacular rocks. Accessing the monasteries is quite difficult, but when you have conquered the difficult climb, you’ll be rewarded with an incredible view of the surrounding land. Moreover, the monasteries provide unique insights in medieval monastic life.

  • An individual cycling tour from Tripolis to the Menalon mountains. The capital of the Peloponnese is the starting point, past archeological sites and byzantine churches before riding off to the legendary Melanon mountains. Here, you can get to know the Greeks authentic village life far away from the touristic centres.

  • 300 sunny days a year and countless lonely trails make Crete a unique spot for mountain biking.


  • Try Greek specialties like filled vine leaves, taramasalata or a simple souvlaki. The Greek cuisine is very diverse and there is a number of dishes with meat and fish as well as vegetarian dishes.

  • Study the Greek font. It could prove to be helpful especially when interpreting street signs.

  • In Greece, the subtropical mediterranean climate dominates, that means dry, hot summers and mild, sometimes stormy and rainy winters. Spring and fall are ideal for cycling.


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