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Find and create the best bike routes through Mexico with the help of the bike route planner which will lead you to beautiful beaches, tasty food and rich history. The landscape is mainly characterised by high mountains and deep gorges in the centre, deserts in the North and dense rain forests in the South and East. An exotic flora and fauna is omnipresent in the country’s tropical rain forests and national parks.

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561,860 km
Mapped Ways
Cycle Routes
112.5 million


  • On the Yucatán peninsula, there are ancient maya ruins as well as the beach resorts of Tulum and Cancun. The fascinating Yucatán in southern Mexico is best explored by bike, whether on less frequented side streets or on bike tours through the tropical rain forest.

  • Guadalajara, the capital of the state Jalisco, offers an unique mix of colonial and indigenous tapatíos influences. The city is known for its wide streets, idyllic parks and old buildings with European influences. Moreover, mariachi and tequila were invented in this city. So get on your bike and discover the city.

  • The convent route (in the states Morelos & Puebla) leads through Mexico’s historically most valuable regions. The places where the first convents were founded during the colonial period lie between 1600 and 2000 metres in Mexico’s temperate climate zone and thus offer ideal conditions for biking.


  • A bigger selection of spare parts is only available in big cities such as Cancun. Smaller bike shops usually only offer spare parts of lesser quality.

  • The climate in the North is desert-like, you can expect snow and frost in winter in the highlands, the South is tropical with hurricane season lasting from June until November.

  • Who bikes, must also eat, eat, eat! The Mexican cuisine is fantastic and very diverse.


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