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Cycling routes and bike maps in and around

Republic of Lithuania

You can find or create the most beautiful bike routes through Lithuania with the bike route planner: Lithuania is said to consist of water and forests and is one of Europe’s hidden gems. According to a study from 1989, Lithuania is even Europe’s geographical centre. The country offers lakes, forests and rivers in its East and the sea and coasts in the West, while you can find a lot of agriculture and old industrial cities in the country’s centre.

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342,101 km
Mapped Ways
Cycle Routes
2.9 million


  • Discover the capital Vilnius on two wheels or take short bike trips from the city to Trakai National Park.

  • Bike and Boat - you can travel part of your route by ferry: For example, you can cycle from Palanga to Klaipeda, where festivals are held throughout the year, then take the ferry to Nida, a former old fisher's’ village that has become a beautiful resort. Take the same way back.

  • Siauliai is a hill full of crosses 12 kilometres away from the eponymous city. There are more than 2 million crosses on the hill, the Lithuanians’ signs of protesting against the Soviet regime without violence.


  • Cycle through lithuania along the Eurovélo routes 10, 11 and 13, enjoy the Baltic sea breeze at the coast and experience the country’s history along the Iron Curtain Trail (Eurovélo 14), which provides information about the former border between East and West Europe.

  • There are long distance routes connecting Vilnius, Riga, Klaipeda, Warsaw and Tallinn. You can bike through several countries following them.

  • Due to the continental climate, the best travel time is from May until September as the days are warm and nights are cold.

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