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Thanks to the bike route planner, you can find and create the best bike routes in Georgia, as the small eurasian country at the Black Sea is a mountain biker’s paradise. 87% of its surface are covered with mountains and promontories and invite enthusiastic bikers to prolonged bike tours. Cyclists in Georgia ride through green forests and over snow covered mountains as well as through dry semi-deserts and along the coast.

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505,418 km
Mapped Ways
Cycle Routes
4.6 million


  • Visit the Gergeti Trinity Church in the direction of the Kazbek mountain. The church is situated on the mountain and is quite isolated and only surrounded by nature. The Kazbek lies behind it.

  • The monastery Gelati is located in Georgia’s West. It is a UNESCO world cultural heritage and one of the most important Georgian works of art. The facility is situated in the centre of the city Kutaisi.

  • A network of caves and tunnels was carved out of stone in Uplistsikhe, a city in Georgia’s East. The city used to be a trade centre along the Silk Road in 6 B.C.



  • The best travel time is fall, as the summers get very hot and abrupt climate fluctuations occur often in spring. Falls are sunny and warm.

  • Those cycling in the mountains should bring spare parts as the streets in the mountains are often in bad shape.

  • You can bring your bike on trains. Camping outside isn’t a problem too, moreover, the people are very hospitable and you might get invited to stay the night.


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