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With the Bikemap bike route planner, you can not only find or create the most beautiful bike routes in Serbia, but also discover what Serbia offers topographically, scenically, climatically and culturally: Cyclists find a rich culture and a diverse landscape in the Southeast European country. The North is very flat whereas the South, West and East are mountainous. The climate is continental and warm except in the mountains. You can also bike along the three rivers Danube, Tisza and Sava and get to know the country this way.

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751,361 km
Mapped Ways
Cycle Routes
7.3 million


  • Try local specialties. A Serbian breakfast costs around 1.50€. A freshly baked Burack with yoghurt is especially delicious.

  • Visit the Tara gorge. It’s the world’s second deepest gorge (second only to the Grand Canyon).

  • Learn something about Serbia’s history in the capital Belgrade. Next to history, the city offers something for everybody: A beach, a fort, orthodox churches, colourful facades and much more.


  • The Eurovélo routes 6, 11 and 13 pass through Serbia, whereby only route 6 which follows the Danube is completely finished and signposted. When you don’t find a sign, following the most obvious street will usually lead you to the next sign.

  • Unlike in other countries, you don’t need to be afraid of cars and lorries in Serbia. The vehicles usually drive calmly and carefully and leave enough space for cyclists at the side of the street.

  • Cycle on the Zlatar mountain range. Far away from cities and stress, pastures and forests invite to relaxedly enjoy nature.

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