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Find and create the most beautiful bike routes in Belarus with the Bikemap bike route planner. In Belarus, cyclists can ride wherever they want: Due to communism, every part of the country is accessible for everyone. When cycling through flat landscapes, dark forests with big swamps and quiet, car-less villages alternate, so that an especially unique feeling arises.

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105,231 km
Mapped Ways
Cycle Routes
9.7 million


  • In Belarus, you experience a European country completely free from graffiti and with only few advertisements. A unique experience!

  • In the Belarusian kitchen, many local products are used. Draniki (potato pancakes), babka (a sweet yeast cake) and machanka (a pork stew) are recommendable.

  • Upon visiting, examine how differently the two big cities Minsk and Brest have developed despite being located in the same country.



  • Knowing the Cyrillic alphabet or maybe even being able to say a few sentences in Russian will make your stay a lot easier. Many people speak a little German instead of English.

  • Differing between banknotes in Belarus can be quite difficult at the beginning, especially as there are no coins to pay with. It is best to try to get the exact amount of money ready at supermarket checkouts in order not to anger the store clerks and keep the other people waiting.

  • The Eurovélo route 2 is currently planned and will pass through the capital Minsk, a few other cities and the Belovezhskaya Pushcha National Park.

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