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Find and create the best bike routes through Bulgaria with the bike route planner. Bulgaria is located on the Balkan peninsula in Southeast Europe and borders the Black Sea in the East. Bulgaria is famous for its long coast with sand beaches, its folklore-tradition and religious art. Sofia, the capital, is the economic and cultural centre and shines over the whole country. Almost every seventh Bulgarian lives here, in one of Europe’s oldest cities. Outside of the urban centre, the Bulgarian lowlands and its rivers  and Maritsa provide the ideal panorama for an unforgettable bike trip, cycling in the amazing setting of few elevations and gorgeous views.

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2,106,641 km
Mapped Ways
Cycle Routes
7.1 million


  • The mighty mountain chains Rila, Pirin and Rhodopen with mountains of nearly 3000 metres height provide suitable biking routes for mountain bike fans. But nature lovers also get their money’s worth: There are cosy pine forests, deep gorges, waterfalls, rockbridges, hidden stalactite caves and beautiful paths waiting to be explored.

  • A bike tour along Bulgaria’s long Black Sea coast also offers many cultural sights such as antique ruins, museums and national parks next to sand beaches.

  • Plovdiv amphitheatre was only rediscovered in 1972 and likely stems from emperor Trajan’s time (50 A.C.). Since its rediscovery, it is considered one of Bulgaria’s most beautiful sights and from time to time, concerts and open air events are held there, acknowledging its original purpose.



  • Don’t only visit Sofia but also explore rural villages like Dolen, Ravnogor, Turiya and Trigrad by bike - there, you’ll discover the true Bulgaria.

  • Due to the high temperatures during the summer, spring and fall are recommended for cycling in Bulgaria.

  • Proper cycling tracks don’t exist in Bulgaria. Off the main traffic routes, traffic is limited. Most streets are reasonably well asphalted.

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