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You can find and create the best bike routes through Albania with the bike route planner. Albania is located in South Europe and at the Mediterranean. Nevertheless, it is characterised by mountainous landscapes that offer a challenge and reward with gorgeous views. Next to mountains, you’ll also find cultural cities such as Tirana and Gjirokastra as well as several UNESCO world heritage sites. After an exhausting day, you can taste delicious local dishes and specialties and enjoy the sunset over the sea.

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301,326 km
Mapped Ways
Cycle Routes
3.0 million


  • Albania’s nature is beautiful. However, on your trip you’ll also find many deserted bunkers from the time of Communism in Albania.

  • The unique Balkan architecture can be found in Gjirokastra, a city in Albania’s South: The houses look like tiny castles and are made of stone to keep the temperatures inside low, which has also earned the city the name “City of Stones”.

  • Enjoy some time off at the Albanian riviera. Behind the beaches, there are dramatic mountains and many small villages that can be explored on bike trips.



  • Understand that Albania’s streets can be rather rough. If that’s the case you need to plan more time for longer tours. On the plus side, there are barely any cars on the streets.

  • Do you want to whizz along flat plains? Explore Albania’s North and West. The East and the part of the southwest bordering Greece are steeper.

  • You can camp outside in Albania. The locals are often very friendly and might invite you to stay in their house to eat and sleep. There are also many hostels where you can shower without having to pay for a bed.

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