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Let the Bikemap bike route planner find the best cycling routes in Poland and enjoy biking even more: Poland is a perfect cycling destination thanks to its exceptional fauna and picturesque landscape. Mostly flat terrain, magical villages and famous regions like Masuria or the wonderful Baltic coast are best explored by bike. However, cyclists are also well cared for in the bigger Polish cities: In Krakow and the three cities Gdansk, Gdynia and Sopot, a big network of new cycling lanes has evolved.

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16,036,944 km
Mapped Ways
Cycle Routes
38.5 million


  • Discover Krakow’s mystic and architectural heritage in Wawel Royal Castle. The fort is easily reachable by bike.

  • The Polish Baltic coast cycling track R10 leads past many lighthouses to many appealing sights such as the shifting sand dune Leba, the peninsula Wolin or the Slowinski national park. Take care - sometimes, the tracks are a little sandy and thus not easily passable for everyone.

  • The route from Krakow to the little village Tyniec: There, you can visit one of Poland’s oldest monasteries, a Benedictine abbey situated on limestone cliffs at the bank of the Vistula River.



  • Cycling season in Poland starts around Easter. The summer between June and August can get quite hot. From September to October, the mountains are an impressive sight as the deciduous forests shine in autumnal colours.

  • It can be useful to learn a few basic phrases in Polish: Although most Poles speak English, this might not be the case everywhere, especially when travelling by bike in rural areas.

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