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Create and find the best cycling routes in Romania thanks to the bike route planner online. Visit the Carpathian garden and bike through pristine landscapes, archaic villages and green forests and experience the Romanian’s hospitality first hand. At the Danube delta, where the flows into the Black Sea, nature’s quietness is only disrupted by the great white egrets’ noises creating an authentic setting. There’s not only tranquil nature in Romania, but also a lot to discover, like castle Bran, Dracula’s home, or the capital Bucharest and its many sights.

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9,099,870 km
Mapped Ways
Cycle Routes
22.0 million


  • A tour along Romania’s 196 kilometre-long Black Sea coast to the Danube delta, a mostly untouched wetland that enthuses nature lovers as well as peace seekers.

  • When riding through Romania, a visit to the famous castle Bran is a must. Vlad the Impaler, also known as Dracula, is rumoured to wreak havoc in the castle. Bran is Romania’s number one tourist magnet.

  • A tour between the famous Vlatava monasteries in Bukowina is an absolute highlight. The monasteries are famous for their painted frescos. They were created in the 15th and 16th century and captivate thanks to their beauty and craftsmanship.


  • One should plan cycling routes well before exploring Romania by bike. Main streets are rather unsuitable for cyclists due to heavy traffic, and there are barely any cycling tracks.


  • When cycling in Romania, the absolute zero blood-alcohol limit applies.

  • Beware of stray dogs. One should be wary, although most dogs are harmless.

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