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Bikemap Premium

Get the full cycling experience

With Bikemap Premium you'll always reach your destination safely.

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Plans hors connexion

Prevent data usage, roaming fees and save precious battery life.

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Navigation hors ligne

Your eyes always on the track - thanks to our voice-assisted Navigation.

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Support premium

The Bikemap experts assist you every way they can.

Our most popular plan

Enjoy all the advantages - for the whole season


29 / year

€ 58,80 Save 51%

  • All Premium features
  • 14-day trial period
  • Ride your routes offline - even without mobile data
  • Navigation from A to B - worldwide without roaming costs
  • OCM - OpenCycleMap layer available on the web
  • No Ads & Direct Premium support

All plans

  • Plans hors connexion
    for every country in the world!
  • Navigation hors ligne
    save battery and roaming costs
  • Support premium
    get help from the Bikemap experts
Abonnez-vous à Bikemap Premium

Choose your package

and use all advantages of Bikemap Premium.


4,90 / month

  • Offline Maps & Offline Navigation
  • OpenCycleMap (OCM)
  • No Ads & Premium Support
  • 7-day trial period
Get monthly


29 / year

€ 58,80 Save 51%

  • Offline Maps & Offline Navigation
  • OpenCycleMap (OCM)
  • No Ads & Premium Support
  • 14-day trial period
Get yearly


79 / once

  • Offline Maps & Offline Navigation
  • OpenCycleMap (OCM)
  • No Ads & Premium Support
  • Lifetime access
Get unlimited

Synced between desktop, tablet, and smartphone.

Questions? We are here for you.

Qu'est-ce qu'un abonnement Bikemap premium?

L'appartenance Bike Map Premium est un plan d'abonnement qui inclut de nombreux avantages et de nouvelles fonctionnalités intéressantes, en plus de tous les services de base de Bike Map.

Comment dois-je payer ?

Actuellement, nous acceptons les cartes de crédit (Visa, Mastercard). Nous allons ajouter d'autres méthodes de paiement dans un proche avenir.

Payment is due at the beginning of your subscription period.

Are there deadlines for canceling?

You can cancel your Premium membership anytime in your account settings under "Manage Subscriptions".

We will automatically extend your membership after the subscription period has ended so that you will not lose access to Bikemap's Premium services. Your membership will be renewed once your subscription period comes to an end - for example, if you subscribe to our annual plan, your membership will be renewed after 12 months for the next 12 months - unless you decide to cancel it or downgrade it to the monthly plan.

Can I use my Premium membership on more than one device?

Yes. Your premium membership is linked to your account, so you can easily log in on any device to use Bikemap’s premium features (offline regions and offline navigation are mobile features and therefore only available on mobile devices).

Which regions are available for offline use?

Offline maps and navigation are available for every country in the world! With Bikemap Premium you can download as many maps to use offline as you wish. Voice navigation included.

Bikemap Offline Regions and Navigation

Make the jump now and become a Bikemap Premium member!

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