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Cycling routes and bike maps in and around


Find and create the most beautiful bike routes through Bella Italia with the help of the bike route planner, which offers a number of first-class routes in beautiful destinations: Lake Garda with the neighbouring Alps and Dolomites to Chianti’s vineyards, scenic coastal villages to Tuscany’s gentle hills. Whether you want to stir up dust on the famous Strade Bianche or you discover Sardinia’s changeable landscape on two wheels, each Italian region has its own distinct character.

Every May, Italy is the site of a legendary cycling race, Giro d’Italia. Do it like the professionals and plan your cycling holiday for spring or fall. It is no question that Italy is beautiful during every season - however, sportsmen are well advised to avoid the hot summer months.

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15 656 460 km
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  • Discover Tuscany’s infinite beauty by bike. Whether you are visiting San Gimignano, a medieval city with skyscrapers, are photographed in front of the Leaning Tower of Pisa or stop at a vineyard, Tuscany enchants.

  • The cycling route “Destra Po” leads along the river Po and is the longest in Italy. It runs through cities, small villages with fantastic views, great food and a relaxed atmosphere. What more do you need on a cycling holiday?

  • The provinces South Tyrol and Trentino as well as the region Aosta Valley are highly recommendable as they offer many beautiful and adventurous cycling routes.


  • Since 2010, cyclists have to wear a reflective safety vest when riding after dusk. Children under 14 have to wear a helmet.

  • The best travel time for cycle tourism is indisputably April, May and June as well as September and October. The summer months July and August are often extremely hot and you risk experiencing bad weather between November and March.

  • Learn basic Italian words like Grazie (thank you), Prego (please), Buongiorno (good morning), Buona sera (good evening) or Ciao (hello/goodbye) and don’t forget to smile !

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