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Portugal is Europe’s most western country and is located on the west coast of the Iberian peninsula. You can discover many beautiful biking routes thanks to the bike route planner and medieval castles, idyllic villages, fascinating cities and golden beaches wait to be explored. The nature park of Ria Formosa and its unique lagoon system are one of the Algarve’s most impressive regions and is perfect for a bike tour. The park meanders for 60 kilometres along the Portuguese coast and promises amazing views. But also Portugal’s rolling hills tempt with olive groves, pine woods and inland lakes, moreover, vines enliven the area. Portugal’s islands like the Azores are a popular destination for a cycling holiday thanks to the less frequented streets and the special volcanic landscapes.

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1 541 369 km
Mapped Ways
12 600
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  • The Azores, a group of islands in the Atlantic Ocean, are famous for their peaceful and slow way of life, unique fauna, breathtaking beaches and beautiful cycling routes along the coast.

  • Bike to Europe’s most south western point, Cape Sargres. Many adventurers have started their expeditions over the Atlantic from here.



  • Motorised vehicles have right of way before cyclists. You should always think about that and maybe ride a little more defensively.

  • It is usually not allowed to transport your bike on trains. Sometimes, it is possible to take the bike if it’s been disassembled and packaged. You need to plan precisely and enquire beforehand.

  • Visiting museums is free on Sundays: you should take advantage of that and leave your bike alone for a moment.

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