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Find and create bike routes through Columbia with the bike route planner: Columbia is located in South America’s Northwest and is home to the world’s second largest spanish-speaking population. Its kind people and ancient pre-hispanic history are captivate. Columbia is a country of extreme opposites, there are snow covered volcanoes and the Andes as well as tropical beaches and wide steppe landscapes.  

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362.781 km
Mapped Ways
Cycle Routes
47,8 milijonov


  • A bike tour in the scenically enticing surroundings of Villa de Leyvas. There, you can also visit numerous sites: Firstly, the archeological site “Infiernito”, the former monastery Ecce Homo and the small city Sutamarchan.

  • Explore San Augustin by bike. Many thousand years ago, Indian tribes lived in the neighbouring river valleys of the Magdalena and the Cauca river. Today, antique sculptures prove these people's’ presence, many of the statues are anthropomorphic figures similar to masked monsters.

  • Situated in a narrow valley, Medellin’s skyline rises up to the sky and the modern skyscrapers and office buildings contrast the surrounding mountains’ jagged peaks. There are also great mountain bike routes.


  • Learn to understand the Colombian currency. The Colombian Peso is counted in mil (Spanish for thousand). A cappuccino can thus cost 5,000 - that means, it costs 5 mil.

  • Never walk through Bogota alone during the night.

  • It is advisable to bring change when touring through the inland. Especially smaller shops in remote areas often can’t change large bills.

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