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Upper Scenic Highway Map

40 km Distanz
828 m Aufstieg
828 m Abstieg

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A short loop with a 2 miles, 1 mile and 3 mile climb and a LONG descent.  Options to extend using Back Mt. Road.  Start at Church ion 219 in Edray.  Scenic Highway  would also make a good starting spot.  Edray is the only source of food and water on the route.

  • 0.0 Start.  Take a left out of parking lot.
  • 0.1 Right on Co. 17.  Woodrow Road.
  • 2.5 Begin first major climb.
  • 4.4 Top of climb.
  • 8.9 Begin second major climb shortly after bridge over Williams River.  Begin Forest Service 86.
  • 10.0 Top of Climb.
  • 12.0 Left onto Rt. 150 access and then right on Rt. 150, Begin third major climb.
  • 15.5 Top of climb and scenic overlook.
  • 21.2 Right on US 219.  Begin twisty descent.  Watch for gravel in turns.
  • 24.7 Finish<br />