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Portland to Seattle - 2018

305 km Distanz
1.250 m Aufstieg
1.150 m Abstieg

(1 Bewertung)

Return to Seattle

After our ride from Seattle to Portland (Oregon) in the 2018 Cascade Bicycle Club's STP, we pedaled back to Seattle after a couple of days off the bikes.

We took a somewhat different route going north through Vancouver, Washington, that avoided the long stretch on Highway 30 that had been a part of the STP route into Portland. Overall, this was a better route. We also used the Inter-Urban Trail as we neared Seattle.

One climb, which was along Green Mountain Road, was very steep and a real challenge, especially with panniers.  Thank God for a "granny" gear on the front. Be prepared to consider pushing, if necessary. I did a very rough calculation using the BikeMap relief map and found the slope for a portion of a couple hundred meters of the climb to be over 20%.

We did this ride in two days, spending the night in Centralia, Washington.

With the exception of one very short portion, all of the ride was on pretty well-paved roads. Predominately, the roads were either low-traffic roads or higher-traffic roads with some shoulder.


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