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Use the Bikemap bike route planner to find the most beautiful cycling routes through Taiwan. The country, originally called “Ilha Formosa” (the beautiful island) by Portuguese sailors, is located in East Asia. Taiwan is famous for its diverse nature and natural wonders, like huge mountains, rocky cliffs and sand beaches. The political, economic and cultural centre is the capital, Taipei, which starkly contrasts the fantastic natural landscapes and a time-honoured tradition. By the way, worldwide, the most brand bikes are produced in Taiwan, in general, the country is a biker nation and one encounters many cyclists on the streets.

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4,481,898 km
Mapped Ways
Cycle Routes
22.9 million


  • The cycling route Taipei-Kenting. On this route, you can discover the raw beauty of East Taiwan’s rugged Pacific coast with untouched beaches, hot springs and breathtaking Taroko-gorges.

  • CNN Travel voted the Sun Moon Lake Bikeway to be one of the “World’s Top Ten most beautiful Bikeways” and offers a beautiful natural setting for experienced bikers.

  • The new Riverside Bikeway in New Taipei CIty offers an amazing view on the city and the sea alongside Taiwan’s longest bike trail for city-loving adventurers.


  • Taiwan has an incredible number of cycling lanes, bike shops, service stations (especially for those travelling by bike), bike events and additional cycling infrastructure.

  • When you plan to bike through Taiwan for several weeks, it is advisable to bring your own bike.

  • The best time for bike trips through Taiwan are the winter months. The daily temperature range between 19 to 29 degrees celsius between October to February.


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