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Cycling routes and bike maps in and around


Find and create the most beautiful bike routes through the land of the rising sun with the help of the bike route planner, where over half of the island is covered with mountains and the country’s highest and iconic mountain Fujiyama can be viewed from different parts of the country. Japan is diverse, when touring the Noto peninsula, you can learn about the fishers’ and rice farmers’ original country life or experience the pulsing human bustle in the modern metropoles Tokyo and Yokohama where cycling is an adventure. Visiting the tranquil former emperor cities Kyoto and Nara is a cultural highlight. The Japanese’ friendly and helpful nature naturally also helps making a bike trip to Japan unforgettable.

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892,483 km
Mapped Ways
Cycle Routes
127.3 million


  • Discover Kyoto - Japan’s cultural heart - by bike. Kyoto can look back on a thousand-year-long history as Japan’s capital, it was the emperor’s seat from 794 until 1868. There are an estimated number of 2000 temples and shrines in Kyoto, 17 of them are considered to be UNESCO world heritages.

  • Art lovers should absolutely travel to Naoshima. There is a great variety of contemporary art museums, galleries, exhibits and installations on art island which can be easily be discovered by bike.

  • Exploring Tokyo by bike is surely not everyone’s first thought. Possible cycling routes run along the Nihonbashi river over the eponymous historic bridge or through the former fisher village Tsukudajima in the modern district Odaiba with spectacular views on the impressive architecture and to the emperor’s palace or the historic city Ningyo-Cho.



  • In Japan, you drive on the left, the noise level is very low. Signs also show distances in kilometres and town names in English.

  • In general, the humidity is very high in Japan. It is recommended to travel through the country during the cherry blossom.

  • Around busy places such as train stations, signs call attention to the fact that it is not allowed to park your bike. In this case, special, fee-based bike parking spots exist (underground, too). For the first time let the Japanese explain it to you or carefully watch the locals. Sometimes, the first two or three hours are free.


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