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In Singapore, the city of contrasts where there are modern skyscrapers next to old buildings, many of the city’s historic sights and museums can be visited when following a bike route. There are also cycling trails and parks for more adventurous cyclists where mountain bikers can let off steam just as fancy takes them. The high level of security also provides a good feeling: In Singapore, less than 0,01% of all bikes are stolen per year.

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176,493 km
Mapped Ways
Cycle Routes
4.7 million


  • The “East Coast Way” is a paradise for cyclists. The whole East coast up to the city centre is hemmed by a single beautiful park pervaded by walkways and cycling trails. THe amazing view of the sea is an additional plus.

  • Although Singapore isn’t necessarily known as a beach destination, you can lie in the sun and relax by the sea on the island Sentosa. There is also a bike rental on the island.

  • Curious what Singapore looked like before the skyscrapers and modern architecture? Visit Granite Island. The national park is like a trip into the past to 1960s Singapore, when people lived in simple villages and agriculture and fishing used to be the main sources of income. The island can comfortably be explored by bike.


  • It is forbidden to chew chewing gum in Singapore.

  • In general, there are only two weather conditions in Singapore: It’s either sunny and hot, or its hot and rainy. Moreover, the high humidity is difficult to bear on exhausting bike trips.

  • Throwing any kind of waste away (including spitting) is more than frowned upon in Singapore and can even lead to a fine of $1000.

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