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Cycling routes and bike maps in and around

Faroe Islands

Find and create the best bike routes on the Faroe Islands with the bike route planner. The Faroe Islands are located in the sea between Scotland, Iceland and , whereby no spot on the 18 islands is ever more than 5 kilometres away from the sea. Concerning weather, it might be one of the world’s moodiest places - but rides through green, mossy and empty natural landscapes and streets make it worth it.

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2,716 km
Mapped Ways
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  • On a clear day, you can look over all islands from the islands’ highest peak, the Slættaratindur, which is 882 metres high. The peak is snow free in summer, but snowy in winter.

  • Dance the Faroan chain dance. It is accompanied by sung ballades. The dancers hold on to each other and construct one or more circles according to the number of dancers. The circles all form a chain.

  • Visit the famous village Saksun where the roofs are overgrown with moss. Here is also a hidden beach that you can only reach at low tide.



  • The weather on the Faroe Islands is very unstable up to the point that thick fog and beaming sunshine might follow each other. It can also happen that weather differs between different places on the islands.

  • When moving between islands, one should use the busses that travel between the islands via tunnels. It is not allowed to travel through the tunnels by bike, which might be good considering that some of them are several kilometres long and there’s no lighting.

  • On the Faroe Islands, you don’t have to worry about your bike’s safety. The locals don’t even lock their cars.


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