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Find and create the best cycle routes through Latvia with the bike route planner. Latvia is a beautiful green country where half the landmass consists of natural ecosystems that humans have barely or not at all interfered with. In 1991, the country gained its independence and has a rich culture as well as old castles and gorgeous Baltic beaches. Here, you can gain an insight in the country’s Soviet history and pay a visit to several relicts from the Cold War. Thanks to the country’s sparse population, undisturbed bike tours are guaranteed.

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298,518 km
Mapped Ways
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2.2 million


  • Pay a visit to the capital Riga. The historic part’s architecture references the city’s history, including wooden houses that have existed for several centuries and churches that are as old as the city itself.

  • Visit the health resort Jurmala at the sea. Here, you can swim, go on long walks on the beach and undertake extensive bike tours through the city’s pine forests.

  • Taste local specialties like smoked sausage (žaveta desa). In general, Latvian food is hearty and often contains fish or meat.


  • Go on a bike tour through Riga and visit the polished, green parts of the city as well as the less developed areas to get a feel for the city.

  • Cycle along the Eurovelo route 10 along Latvia’s coast. The route passes through several towns and showcases the country’s beautiful landscape. Although the route is fairly flat, you should consider that not all of it is asphalted and also consists of gravel and sand, as the route isn’t finished yet. There also aren’t any signs in some parts.

  • Winter starts in the middle of December and lasts until the middle of May. During this time, the days are fairly short and a constant snow cover is mostly guaranteed. This period of time is thus not suitable for a cycling holiday.

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