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Farnborough 50mls Off Road Circular

81 km Distance
500 m Ascent
500 m Descent

(1 rating)

This route takes in virtually all the Army training lands around Farnborough and Aldershot along with the film sets of Harry Potter and the Basingstoke Canal.

The area around Ash Ranges which is at the start of the ride (for me) is used frequently for live firing exercises so you may only use it when the Red Flags are not flying. You may want to check with the revelant stations before setting off.

If the flags are flying you may cut out that part of the ride by starting on the canal and heading south past 'Potters' restaurant towards Aldershot, connecting back up with the route off the Ranges This will shorten it to around 44mls

There are a few hills to get your blood pumping but its mainly about being in the wilderness less than 3 mls from major towns...

Some short road sections to link areas together but its an off road course of shale, sand tracks and canal towpaths.

As with any circular route, you may choose to start it anywhere along its path....

Showers, Toilets, Cafe and parking at the start/finish

Train Stations of Farnborough, Farnborough North and Ash Vale nearby.



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