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Giro d'Italia

106 km Distance
1,393 m Ascent
1,393 m Descent

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The Giro starts with a couple of super tough climbs including the top half of Hughes St and The Serpentine. In the spirit of the real Giro, it also includes a hairy descent, down Mast Gully Rd. From there it winds its way south to Cardinia, for a lap around Sicily (Cardinia Reservoir Park). It then heads north back towars the Nongs, diverting off busy Wellington Rd to Aura Vale Rd and Old Menzies Creek Rd before finding the jewel in the crown of the ride, the lush Selby Aura Rd.

3 climbs now await; Grantulla Rd then a gorgeous descent through Tuscany (Kallista-Emerald Rd), some gravel (Waterfield Rd) and a double climb consisting of David Hill Rd and The Wall. Breakfast awaits at The Black Kettle in Sassafras, a deserving meal for those who’ve completed the Giro d’Italia.

Ride Founder: Brenton "BigHorn" Kaitler