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Oxford Park (Mitchelton) to Archerfield CLONED FROM ROUTE 1100149

33 km Distance
190 m Ascent
230 m Descent

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This route is 80% bike path for 33km. It is comprised mainly of:

  • the Kedron Brook bikepath,
  • Kedron Brooke Rd,
  • Herston Street,
  • Victoria Park bikepath,
  • Roma Street Parklands,
  • Kurilpa Bridge,
  • Southbank pedestrian/bikepath (better to stay on northern side of river under expressway and cross at Goodwill bridge),
  • Pacific Motway bikepath,
  • O'Keefe Road,
  • Hanlon Park (Thompson State Reserve) bikepath,
  • Pacific Motorway again,
  • Snowden Road,
  • Toohey Road,
  • Toohey Forest Park (Toohey Ridge track and Nathan Ridge track - all bitumen),
  • West Ring Road,
  • Griffith Road,
  • Kessels Road,
  • Riewana Road (bike path on northern side),
  • Ends at Beaudesert road.

You can catch the train at Salisbury train station (1km north along Beaudesert Road - Right into Lillian Avenue then Dollis Street) as this is quite a long ride.  

Very enjoyable and medium effort ride (not too many hills) along Kedron Brook and through Toohey Forest.  


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