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BKIT Leamington Charity Cycle Ride

43 km Distance
180 m Ascent
170 m Descent

(1 rating)

The annual BKIT Leamington Orbital cycle ride - a 26 mile circular route around the beautiful Warwickshire countryside starting and finishing at the Bandstand, Leamington Spa (assemble 10am for prompt 10:30 start). The Route will be fully signposted and there will be a refreshment stop at the half way point.

We are raising funds for the Buwan Kothi International Trust). Since 2007 we have raised over £65,000 that has helped build & fund the ongoing work at the Gilly Mundy Memorial Community School in rural Haryana, Northern India.

The usual good vibes, medal and T shirt for all riders. At the end Chickpea and Chicken curry and a few beers to celebrate !

Find out more about the charity at:

Buwan Kothi International Trust

Register for the next ride on 8th July 2018 

Contact Jas Mundy 07990 320 060


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