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Ahwatukee Pecos Loop

43 km Distance
149 m Ascent
151 m Descent

(3 ratings)

Varied ride through city with some extended roads (fewer stops).  Almost all roads have bike lanes, and shoulders are wide on Pecos (which can carry heavy traffic at times).  Freeway crossing on Guadalupe is via no-ramp overpass, but the Chandler Blvd crossing is the typical I-10 on/off ramp style.  If the hill on Chandler Blvd is not to your liking, the Desert Foothills Pkwy detour is a nice diversion.  You will likely see many bikers on parts of this route, and there are numerous stopping points for food, water, etc.  The start/stop spots are in the Performance Bike parking lot.  For shortening the route, consider using Warner (Elliot Rd can be heavy traffic).