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Scandinavian tour (Denmark, Sweden, Finland)

2510 km Distance
910 m Ascent
920 m Descent

(2 ratings)

Travelling North from Copenhagen (DK) to Lycksele in Swedish Lappland, and south to Umeå. Then along finnish coast from Vaasa to Mariehamn, in the Åland archipelago. Strong bike with anti-puncture tyres (Schwalbe Marathon Mondial) required for the numerous gravel road sections.

Total distance : 2495 km

Total climb : 15'800 m

Number of days : 24

Well signposted cycle routes in Denmark (Route 9) and Sweden (Ginstleden Cykelspåret, North Sea Cycle Route, Sverigeleden), mostly along quiet secondary roads. Poorly signposted (you'll need to buy the maps) but great cycle routes in Finland (Coastal Route 8 and Northern Route in the Åland archipelago).

Important note : due to bikemap's limitations and the numerous bugs that have appeared since the 11th May chaotic site "update", I did not map all sections on separate cycle tracks but often kept using the "draw route following roads" tool. A totally accurate manual mapping would represent too much work considering the present instability and malfunctioning of So, get the cycle maps from the bookshop and keep an eye open for signposting along the way - the cycle path is always very near to the route mapped here ! Besides, elevation profile is totally unaccurate and incomplete and that's another "improvement" following the disastrous site "update". So, if you want more details about this route, among other things daily climb figures, please visit my website.

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