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Fardea- Gladna- Zolt- Luncanii din Deal- GladnaRomana-Matnicul Mic- Farde

32 km Distance
718 m Ascent
737 m Descent

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This Route is about 42 km in reality..It s starting from the Monastery of Fardea and follow the road trough several villages until you enter a forest road wich is nice and smooth..At a moment in the forest you have to turn left and the road is going up hill with a lot of big stones..It s  time for pushbike  and then you gonna see a small house on the right ..you take the turn and the road is becoming flat..on the right side is the beautiful panorama of Poiana Rusca mountains..The highest mountains from Timis County...You are in Luncanii din Deal and folowing the road its  coming a  downhill section..When the downhill is finished  turn right on the first road you meet..you gonna see the village on the left side( don t enter the village) ..follow this road and keep always on the right..you gonna climb a lot..when you are up at the moment you gonna see a cross,,turn right as well on a grass road ..keep this trail ..on the left now you gonna see the amazing panorama of Surduc Lake..keep straight and be very carefully because is coming a dangerous downhill with sandy surface..by folowing the downhill you reach Gladna Romana village..when exist this village on the right side you gonna find a stone road..it s new,,folow this road and you are up hill on a road paved with stone like the boulevard from Paris..you enter the forest and its  coming a  downhill ,but don t miss the left turn to Matnicul Mic village..From Matnicul Mic turn right and you  are at Surduc Lake..from the lake turn left at the main road..you will arrive to Fardea Monastery