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Karasjok - Olderfjord - Honnigvag + 96km

139 km Distance
840 m Ascent
980 m Descent

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Just two daily trips away from Honningsvag, last Village before North Cap, the goal for today is Olderfjord. We left the mountainous region and were cycling along beautiful nature up the coast of Tanjafjorden of the Barent Sea. Just sad, the traffic situation is going worse. Especially on the E6 coming from Finland there is more traffic as some would expect in this remote area. Otherwise it was good cycling. Rain has caught 2013 - 07 06 & Route Olderfjord to North Capus on the end of the day. Done 2013 - 07 - 06

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  & Route Olderfjord to North Cap

The Trip to Honnigsvag started with heavy wind but clear sky. Within the day the condition got worse and we have had to deal with tailwind and crosswind with peaks up to 15 m/sec. In some exposed fjords we were forced to push the cycle for certain distances. The three tunnels up to Honnigsvag sheltered us from the heavy wind, however it takes some nerves to get used to this particular environment. The 96 km have been more demanding as I have had expected.

Done 2013 07 07




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