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Eagles Route Downhill

18 km Distance
80 m Ascent
1,240 m Descent

(2 ratings)

This is probably the easiest downhill route from Doi Pui. It starts near Doi Pui summit. The first few km are paved. The road then transitions into unpaved double track; shortly after that there is the hilltribe coffee shop which offers great mountain views and homegrown coffee. The entire trail is fairly steep and requires sensible brake use. The upper part is frequented by cars and motorcycles, so be careful. The trail ends at Huay Tueng Tao lake, which is ideal for a lunch/dinner break or for taking a swim.

There are three options to get your bike up Doi Pui: pedalling up Sriwichai Rd., pushing it up the (shorter) hiking trails, or taking a taxi from the zoo at Huay Kaeow Rd.

(cloned from route 1995180)