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A Coffee + Architecture + Platting + Infrastructure + Beer Exploration

10 km Distance
122 m Ascent
121 m Descent

(2 ratings)

Things we'll see/do.

  • We'll pass the Steel Bridge - 104 year old bridge that carries light rail, buses, pedestrians, bicycles, freight rail, passenger trains, and tractor trailors too. It's the work horse of Portland since 1912!
  • Cup & Bar - one of the newest roasters in town, delivers by cargo bike, with open area to hang out/hack/bike to etc. Located by two of the new wonky crazy new residential towers going up.
  • Ladd's Addition, one of the first neighborhoods, a planned streetcar neighborhood, of Portland platted and constructed between 1905 and 1930.
  • Apex Bar/Brewery. Awesome bar with rocking tunes, more bike parking then you can imagine (and we'll still probably lock to trees) and an extremely impressive beer selection of local brews (dozens and dozens of them!).
  • Tillikum Bridge is Portland's new transit, cycling, and pedestrian bridge. We'll route along some of the new MUP (Mixed Use Path) down to the bridge, where you'll get to see the confluence of streetcars, light rail, and buses funneling across the bridge and likely cyclists and pedestrians everywhere. It's a nifty bridge, just opened last year in September!
  • We'll return along the southern end of the waterfront MUP (Mixed Use Path).