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Ogden River Parkway

9 km Distance
0 m Ascent
40 m Descent

(3 ratings)

Is located in Ogden City, east on 12th St. to the mouth of Ogden Canyon, this is where the East Trail Head is located and the beginning of the trail.


This is a asphalt trial wide enough for inline skating, biking, walking, skate boarding. If you begin the trail at the East Trail Head and follow the asphalt paved trail along the river, the trail will take you past the RainbowGardens & Greenery RestaurantEl Monte Golf Course, Timber Mine Restaurant, Ogden Dinosaur Park, and soccer park. The trail goes under

Harrison Blvd
continuing west past picnic pavilions, MTC Learning Park and gardens and then under Monroe Blvd.
The trail comes out onto
Park Boulevard
, when you get to Gramercy Bridge cross the bridge and pick up the trail on the North West side of the bridge. Continue west past the swimming pool, Skate park and Rodeo grounds. There is some local art that has been painted on the Staduim at the rodeo grounds and at the Monroe Blvd underpass.
 At  Washington Blvd
the trail goes under the street passing "Bingham Cyclery’s café and bakery" great food and bike stuff,  continuing west, over
Grant Ave
Lincoln Ave
and then again under
Wall Ave.
At this point you are approximately 3.6 miles from the East Trail Head. Continuing west ½ mile you will come to the
21st ST.
over pass, this will take you over the train tracks and to the
21st St.
Pond. The pond has a one mile asphalt path around it; you can go around either way. At the very north and west end of the pond the trail forks heading west about 1/3 mile from the pond you will find an open area with picnic tables, the trail turns south 1/10 mile past the confluence of the Weber and Ogden Rivers to a bridge,(see note) if you cross the bridge over the Weber river, the trail will head west for about ½ mile, you will come to another bridge, cross the bridge and continue west for about 1/3 mile to the end of the trail at1350 W or GPS(41° 14’ 12.00” N  112° 00’ 49.01 W”) 4265ft above sea level at this point you are 6.3 miles from the East Trail Head

(Note)This is the West Haven part of the Trail, If you do not cross the bridge and continue on the trail south past the confluence and the bridge the trail will take you under 21st express way and 2150 S, before you go under the railroad tracks the trail heads back east along the Weber River through cottonwood trees to another bridge and then ending up at the kayak park in west Ogden 1.4 miles from the bridge at the confluence of the Weber and Ogden Rivers


 Ogden River Parkway Trail heads

1. East Trail Head or Mouth of Ogden canyon/ Rainbow Gardens

From the North or South take I-15 to Ogden exit at 12th Street, head east 1/4mile from the mouth of the canyon, take a right on Valley Drive and then an immediate right onto Park Blvd GPS (41° 14’ 11.62” N  111° 55’ 46.00”W) 4408 ft above sea level , the trail begins here. There is ample parking in the Rainbow Gardens parking lot, just south of the trail head.


2. MTC Park Trail Head

From the North or South take I-15 to Ogden exit at

12th Street
, head east, take right or south on
Monroe Blvd
about ¾ of a mile, as you cross over the Ogden River the entrance to the park is a left turn.


GPS (41° 14’ 06.87” N 111° 57’ 16.41”W) 4342 ft above sea level. Plenty of parking here. At this point you are approximately 2 miles from the East trail head

 3. Washington Boulevard

18th St
Trail head

 From the North or South take I-15 to Ogden exit at 12th Street, head east, take right or south on Washington Blvd to 18th St., just before the Ogden River on the east side of  Washington Blvd is the trail head. Parking for approximately 20 cars.

GPS (41° 14’ 03.79” N 111° 58’ 11.30”W) 4297 ft above sea level

At this point you are approximately 3miles from the East Trail Head


4. West Haven Trail Head

 From the North or South take I-15 to Ogden exit at 21st St. travel .86 miles from I-15 turn right on west 21st St and about 1000W follow road to the west to the parking lot on the south side of the road or GPS (41° 13’ 43.35” N 111° 59’ 49.31”W) 4283 ft above sea level


5. West Ogden Kayak Park Trail Head

  From the North or South take I-15 to Ogden exit at

24th St
head east to
B avenue
, turn left/north to
Exchange Road
, right/east to the Ogden River, parking on the left/north side of road.


GPS (41° 13’ 24.89” N 111° 59’ 18.28”W) 4286 ft above sea level





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