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Solčavska panoramska cesta

42 km Distance
920 m Ascent
940 m Descent

(3 ratings)

The route with the most beautiful views

The Solčava panoramic road is like the experience of our first love. It is unique in its beauty, taking you along the pearls of the natural and cultural heritage of the Solčava Region, with breathtaking views of the peaks and valleys and past subsistence highland farms, producing everything nature offers and man creates with love.

Together with Krištof the shepherd boy it traces his lost sheep from the village of Solčava, along the trail of their proud masters and shepherds, with twenty unforgettable stops across a large portion of the region, which also includes the Logar Valley, Robanov kot, Matkov kot, and Podolševa.


It leads you through timeless experiences and mysteries surrounding Lintver the dragon and the creation of these mysterious places full of originality.


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