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Three Alpine Peaks - Big Day out!

97 km Distance
2,930 m Ascent
2,930 m Descent

(1 rating)

This Alpine three peak classic will see you start after breakfsat on the Col de la Joue Verte, climbing through the hairpins where myrtille bushes can provide a nice pause for some natural and hand-picked energy before descending into Morzine above the canopies of the many paragliders that colour the morning horizon.  In Morzine, you will then tackle the famous Col de la Joue Plane wich rises to spectactular views over the Alps before sweeping into the heart of the beautiful village of Samoëns.  You can call it a day here and hop into our van for the trip home, or if your feeling good, you can practice your drafting technique along the flat as a pancake vally floor to Tanninges and then Mieussy from where you can join the ranks of the legends of the Tour de France on the Col de la Ramaz along to the Col villages of Encrenaz and the Côte d'Arbroz.  Finally decend once again into Morzine after a day well cycled and cool down on the final gentle ascent to the village - Or order a beer and call us to collect you! 


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