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Grosse Scheidegg

79 km Distance
1,404 m Ascent
1,404 m Descent

(56 ratings)

The Jungfrau is not necessarily known as a road cycling destination, but it does offer one of Europe’s finest passes: the Grosse Scheidegg (alt. 1962m).


Between Meiringen and Grindelwald, the road passes below 1700m-high flanks and offers unique views of glaciers and the notorious north face of the Eiger. Moreover, there are no cars; the only vehicles allowed are the famous yellow PostBuses.  Boasting a rise of 1300m over 16km to reach the summit and with gradients as steep as 12%, the Grosse Scheidegg is a unique cycling experience that has to be earned. This is followed by a dizzying descent to Grindelwald, a quintessential village well placed for offering a rest at the foot of the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau massif. The road continues down the Lütschine river to Interlaken, a mecca for outdoor recreation enthusiasts. The final leg of the loop follows the shores of Brienz Lake back to Meiringen.