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Säntis Classic

124 km Distance
1,570 m Ascent
1,570 m Descent

(1 rating)

This loop follows the route of the Säntis Classic, an annual challenge that attracts almost 2000 cyclists.


Leaving Weinfelden in Canton Thurgau, the road rises gently in the countryside before descending to Wil. This is where you enter Canton St. Gallen.  The route undulates as it enters the hilly Toggenburg region. At Ebnat-Kappel, you continue to follow the Thur river upstream along the valley’s flank, taking a charming little road that meanders amid the farms away from the traffic.  The main ascent starts at Neu Sankt Johann and consists of a number of ramps (gradient: 7-8%) through the meadows interspersed with level sections. The pass itself is reached at alt. 1278m and offers views of the Säntis (alt. 2502m), the main peak in the regions which can be accessed via aerial cableway. In fine weather, this peak offers views not only of Switzerland, but also of Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein and France!  A rapid descent leads to Urnäsch, after which a series of back roads bring you to Herisau, the capital of Canton Appenzell Ausserrhoden. The 40km return leg to Weinfelden is largely downhill.


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