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Antsirabe - Mandrivaso - Masiakampy

253 km Distance
746 m Ascent
2,206 m Descent

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23-26 oktober 2016. Final 10 km unpaved. measured with Etrex GPS: 2550 ascent, 3973 descent. Reasonable asphalt road with big holes near bridges. In Masiakampy we went in a canoe for a two and a half day decend of river Tsiribihina. In Antanambo, near Antsiraka, we resumed cycling. Because it was to heavy and to hot we took a car from Antsiraka to Morondava. All unpaved, heavy sand and 'wash-board'. Not avery interesting road, exept for the last 25 km. (pictures below are in reversed order)