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B2B00142 55116>55113viaMissBlvd/Pelham/Raymd/Como/Hamlin

20 km Distance
105 m Ascent
75 m Descent

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Take St. Paul Avenue north to Cleveland. Cleveland to Highland Pkwy. Turn left to Mississippi Pkwy. Follow Mississippi Pkwy past Summit Av, around until you pass under Marshall/Lake Street Bridge. Just past this point turn right at Pelham Blvd. Follow Pelham Blvd. up the hill past Town & Country Golf Course.

Continue on passing over I94. At Myrtle Avenue turn right to Raymond. Turn left at Raymond and continue on Raymond to Como Avenue. Turn right at Como and follow along past the State Fair. Pass under Snelling Avenue and continue to Hamline Avenue. Turn left at Hamline. Follow Hamline for a few miles past Larpenteur, County B1, B2, C and continue until you reach Lydia  Avenue. Turn left at Lydia and continue west across Snelling Avenue to Northwestern College.