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Somerset Village - St. George's

132 km Distance
760 m Ascent
730 m Descent

(1 rating)

The third and paramount stage of the Paths of Saint George begins in Somerset Village, on Somerset Island and takes the, by now, familiar route south through Hog Bay and then along the northern shore towards the capital of Bermuda, Hamilton. Taking the tour around the city, the road then turns south near Flatts, ironically the town in the hilliest region of the island.

Climbing St. Mark’s Road, Idle Acres Road and the furiously steep Knapton Estate Road will make the toughest riders look over their shoulder in delight, as the weaker riders will start suffering. At kilometer 46 the riders find themselves in St. George’s, where the cobbles will do the talking. Barry Road and the cobbled climbs of Slippery Hill, Church Lane and Khyber Pass will bring the riders back to the Mullet Bay Road through aptly named Suffering Lane.

This local lap will have to be completed ten times in total after which the riders will climb Barry Road  one last time before turning onto Retreat Hill Road, where the strongest rider of the day will have a chance to overlook Fort St. Catherine long before the last riders cross the finish line.

Profile: CL: 1 DH: 3 HL: 6 FR: 3 SP: 2 CB: 8 TQ: 7 TT: 0 


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