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355 km Distance
3,770 m Ascent
4,230 m Descent

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24th: arrival to Poprad in the evening

25th: cycle to Strbske pleso (30km, ascent 580,descent 50), hike there

26th. hike near strbske pleso (skok waterfall)

27th. strbske pleso-> Spisske Pohradie(80 km, descent from 1240 to 462 km), visit Kezmarok, Levoca

28th Spisske Pohradie->Hrabushize (slovanian paradise: sucha bela)

29th prielom hornadu

29th Hrabushize->Dedinky  (29 km, ascent from 445m to 1025 lasting for 30 km)

30th Dedinky->Rozniava(43 km, descent from 786 to 274 m), visit Dobšinska ledová jeskyně

31th Rozniava caves

1st Rozniava ->Kosize (90 km, ascent 15 km 378-522)

2nd; walk in Kosize 23:15 bus to Uzgorod

3rd; 16:49 -train from Ujgorod to Kyiv



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