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MTB - Colle di Tenda - ca.4hrs in movement ...excl. Pitstops - Lunch at Ft Pepino

34 km Distance
1,310 m Ascent
1,310 m Descent

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A Day excursion in Mtb on Ex-Military Roads ....SingleTracks...some asphalt. Ca.35km long & dsl in positive of 1300mt. Passing some stunning panoramic 360° views over the Marittim Alps, Ft Central, Ft Tabourde, (1950mt a.s.l.), ascending from 1200mt a.s.l. to ca. 2300 mt a.s.l. at Fort Pepino, the highest situated where to absorb the view & to get meritated rest having lunch (picnic) resting the eyes over the panorama. B.Y. O. Water (CamelBak recommended) & Energy intake as NO H2o - Water source is available during the last 3/4 of the ride. Colle di Tenda remains between the Marittime Alps & the Alpe Cozie the history, one of the most important passages for salt, and other merchandises... Today it's part of Parc del Mercantour & Parco delle Alpe Marittime and seperates the Vallyes; Val de Roya and Val Vermenagna. There are 6 fortifications; all constructed during early 18th century to build (order by 'Re di Sardegna) as a defence against an eventual french invasion ....3 of those are included in this route. After the 2nd WW in Paris they were 'given' to France in agreement of italy having lost.


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