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Kaltern - Lajen - Villnöss - Badia - Bruneck

107 km Distance
2,650 m Ascent
2,250 m Descent

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The route starts in Caldaro (or Bolzano) following the Brenner cycleway in direction north until Waidbruck. From Waidbruck follows a climb (regional street, not much traffic) up to Lajen. From here a flact section on a municipality road/fireroad to Val Funes/Villnöss (here there is a short gravel/trail section) and the last climb to Passo Erbe/Würzjoch joining the mai pass road. Descent goes into Val Badia/Gadertal and then following a small road in direction Val Pusteria/Pustertal to reach the main city Bruneck/Brunico (GPX track stops at Hotel Maria Saal in San Lorenzo/Sankt Lorenzen).