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Cervo and Capo Berta

50 km Distance
510 m Ascent
510 m Descent

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A full day in relax and several curious stops along the route. At 90% along the coast - 40% on bike path & 60% on Aurelia with cars. Cervo is a medioval village at less, a 1,3km+s climb at 4,6% ...definately worth it as a seated lunchstop is planned and why not a quick walk afterwars to visit the church of Coralles....picturesce medioval ambiance and stunning view ... Back in saddle we´ll head down direction France and after Diano Marina we´ll front Capo Berta, less than 3km...and however we´ll make a stop shortly before the peak to admire the panoramic view over Diano Marina Bay and get some refreshments while eyeing the famous monument with 3 of the legends in cycling history; Girardengo, Coppi & Bartali.... This curve even today has quite an importance during the Pro -Milano-Sanremo Race inaugurating each year the season for the Professionals.... Plenty of fountains to refill the bottle & if wished ....a shorter stop in the marina (Imperia) is okey ...  


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