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Sinaia Cota 2000 - Trans Bucegi - 7 Izvoare - Pietrosita

45 km Distance
360 m Ascent
1,870 m Descent

(1 rating)

Easy MTB descent from Sinaia Cota 2000 to Pietroșița.

You can arrive in Sinaia by train and climb to Cota 2000 by cable car.

There is a train available from Pietroșița to Târgoviște. For schedule, please check

Surface: 80% unpaved road (gravel), 15% asphalt, 5% path.


  • Cota 2000 – Trans Bucegi: Alpine landscape with an abrupt descent
  • Continue Trans Bucegi until Cabana Dichiu: Alpine landscape. Moderate descends on good asphalt
  • Turn right on DN 713 A: Coniferous area. Moderate descends on asphalt with some small unpaved zones
  • On DN 714 bifurcation go ahead on DN 714 to (Târgoviște sign): Coniferous area descends on unpaved road.
  • On the next bifurcation you can detour for 5.6 km to see an epic watterfall: Cascada 7 Izvoare (7 Springs Waterfall). Coniferous area descends on unpaved road. You’ll return on the same road to DN 714 so be prepared for a small ascent.
  • Continue DN 714 A until DN 71. The first 1/3 part is on a small ascent and the rest is on an abrupt descent. 80% is unpaved road and the last part is on asphalt.
  • Turn right on DN 71 to Târgoviște. In Pietroșița, after the bridge over the Ialomița river, you’ll see the railway station on left. You can go another 35 km to Târgoviște, but the road is boring for MTBs with plenty of cars. I recommend planning your trip to catch the train from Pietroșița.


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