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Nonantola - San Cesario - Piumazzo - Samoggia - Oasi di Manzolino - Nonantola

51 km Distance
39 m Ascent
38 m Descent

(2 ratings)

This highly variegated track starts at a parking area on the outskirts of Nonantola. From there the track follows the valley of the canale Torbido to San Cesario sul Panaro. Than thru the area Pedemontana to Piumazzo and continuing to the Torrente Samoggia. For about 6km the track follows the Samoggia to Castelletto. After Castelletto you will first pass Bosco Albergati and after a couple of km you will arrive at the Oasi di Manzolino (Bird watching). Than a ride in the countryside back to Nonantola. Along the way you will pass the historical center of some of the typical small towns of the area were you can admire the towers and churches in the original local style.  The percorso della salvezza at Rubiara is especially worth visiting (Behind the Church of Rubiara).  The track combines narrow tarmac roads with good quality dirt roads and bike roads. You will only find some traffic in Castelfranco and in the section San Cesario => Piumazzo.