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Cycling route to the Handicrafts Center Hang Dong

75 km Distance
83 m Ascent
83 m Descent

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Nice bicycle ride of a day, starting with the magical atmosphere surrounded by fields with the different plantations, then move on to change with fields of crops of Longan plants. On a sliding road you then come to cross the road in the direction of Saraphi that runs along the Ping River; from which you will reach the road to Ban Tawai village; center of the artisan markets of northern Thailand and Chiang mai in particular. A pleasant opportunity to rest and visit the shops of wood products, gifts, ceramics, textiles and more. The return is made in the name of a pleasant ride between traditional villages of the area with possible visits of their simple but magnificent temples. In total, they are about 75 km easy on a fairly flat road and certainly suitable for any type of bicycle.


To see the video of the ride, please "click" here