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2013 Bonifacio - Calvi

354 km Distance
5,190 m Ascent
5,170 m Descent

(1 rating)

June July

Heavy and windy ferry crossing to Corsica and the city of Bonifacio. Found a car from Kirkenes who worked as a French teacher at Sandefjord Vgs. Should meet a friend who had won TDF tour a week for 2 pers. Bonifacio is a wonderful great city! Dinner at the pier, and stroll in the old town in the evening. 26.7 km

26. Started the day with homemade lunch on the quayside. Changed rooms at the same hotel. Then cycled to the beach Plage de Canetto. Later we cycled around the fortress on the top of the city. Finished the day with dinner in the old town. 22.9 km

27. Great trip partly along the coast to Propriano. Fasten to Insert luggage board down on the right side loosened, screw away. Was solved by the use of powerful strips, which held the rest of the trip. Lunch in the middle of the middle of Col de Roccapina, and ice and coffee in the Sartene. Several bike teams were out on training and we stopped and had a chat with Team Cannondale. 65.3 km

28. Another great day along the coast between Propriano and Ajeccio. Long leg with many height meters. Lunch at Acqua-Doria. Arrived at Ajaccio at 17 o'clock. The town was decorated for TDF party. Maange Norwegians in the city in the evening. 75.7 km

29. Relaxing day in the city, with some shopping and haircuts for Inge with Norwegian-speaking hairdresser. Large food market close to the hotel.

30. Started early with the goal of getting up to Col de Vizzavona before the road was closed. Did it work out and follow the TDF brands against Calvi instead of Corte. Bike over a mountain and down to Marsochia before we turned and took the same route back. Hardly 40 km detour and the ear height meter, and three hours delayed. Was therefore barely stopped by police around 13:45 a mile south of Bocognano. A very downturn there and then. True and so ridden there, along with the Corsican Corset. However, the ride was higher when the first disappointment had come. Arrived late at BB Casa Alta, when we did not get cycled again until 17, and we had to climb a steep mountain Col de Vizzavona 1163 et al. Exhausted, but in good shape again, we have showered, then we went and ate a good and powerful local pasta dish in a closed railway station where there were also more mountain hikers.

Very nice BB host. 85.7 km

01. After a good breakfast, we started the road to the old capital Corte. Mildrid's one fasten to the baggage loosened down the road, but we found it and the screw was lying on the road. Cozy city. Had lunch right in the center and dinner at the hotel where we stayed. Nice host! Early evening when Inge became dizzy. 30.5 km

02. Great trip to St. Florent on beautiful roads. Much downhill, before a luscious top trip over to St. Florent. Had lunch at the top, along with three nice Swedes who were also on a bike ride. The hotel was a bit out of the center. Mildrid took a bath and we enjoyed the hotel beach / sunbeds for a little while. Biked into town in the evening and ate dinner and strolled around in a quiet charming little town. 75.6 km

03. Great trip from St. Florent to Il Rousse. Hit Peter from Nottingham on the way up. Stopped on top and ate panini with the same lady as the day before. Ate some nuts m. M. At the pier in I'l Rousse before we got up to the hotel. Bike to town and have dinner in the evening. 48.2 km

04. Great trip to Calvi. No mountains, but some hills. Leave our luggage in the hotel, bought baguettes, and went on the beach. Hit "Elling" on the way down. Dinner in town.

05. Went on the beach in Cavli after breakfast. Leave it all morning. Low rise and clean beach. Have lunch at the pier in town before we rode back to I'l Rousse. Dinner in town in the evening. Stayed at great hotel just off the ferjekaia.

06. Get up early to take the boat to Nice.

On the web, all departures were fully booked, but in practice the boats were half full. Landa about 15 o'clock, with music village on the quay ... Found the hotel. Met Tor Gunnar Hagbø in town in the evening for a communal dinner.

  In Corsica we rode 11401 altitude meters in 8 bike days. Longest stage: 86 km. Most height meters: 3341.


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